Positive Discrimination (Free Trial Class)

We are a pro-love organisation. In other words we want to heal all oppressions. In negative terms it means we are an anti-sexist (which also means feminist!), anti-racist, anti-xenophobic, anti-classist, anti-anti-Semitic, anti-Islamophobic, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-poor-ist, anti-IQ-ist, anti-qualifications-ist, anti-introvert-ist, anti-ageist, anti-appearance-ist, anti-English-is-the-only-language-ist, anti-single-ist, anti-ability-ist, anti-mental-health-ist, in short anti-ist, anti all oppressions. We want to heal all oppressions.

Iyengar Yoga Oxford is currently offering a free trial class for positive discrimination. Please use this Positive Discrimination Form to see if you qualify (you’ll need a pen and paper handy). Currently you’ll qualify for a Positive Discrimination free trail class if:

  • You score 0 on any of the themes (except sex/gender)
  • You are a man (this is the opposite discrimination in terms of societal privilege, but we have a significant majority female students here, and are aiming for a gender balance)
  • You score 1 on two of the themes.
  • You score 1 or 2 on three of the themes.
  • You score less than 100 in total.

You do not need to show or explain your results, just write positive discrimination in the payment box. You don’t need to print the doc, but can write your scores for the themes on a piece of paper.