Other Ways to Contribute

If you can’t pay as much as you’d like to, or have more time than most and would like to contribute something else as well as money, there are other ways to contribute (though all students must make some financial contribution):

  • Poster & flier runs on Iffley Road, Magdalen Road, Cowley Road, & St Clements (2 hours -termly)
  • Door to door fliering (a few hours within a single term – can be a one off)
  • Entering business costs onto a spreadsheet from receipts (1 hours – monthly)
  • Arriving early to help set up, and packing down after class (10 mins – weekly)
  • Door to door flier delivery in East Oxford area (An hour from time to time)
  • Entering health info into a spreadsheet (confidentiality form required) (15 mins – weekly)
  • Sewing a patch or two on our mirror covering patchwork quilts (as much as you feel like)
  • Organising yoga socials (from time to time)
  • Other ideas you may have to contribute…