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I am myself completely dedicated to the practice IYENGAR® yoga, and believe that it is best to find a practice that works for you and stick with it for a long time. I have an ecumenical approach to spirituality, in that I believe that all world religions and spiritual paths are aiming in the same direction. However, I believe that one can end up very confused if one tries to pick and choose bits and pieces from many different teachings.

My favourite analogy to illustrate this is that if you are trying to drill for water (ie the Self) then it is not helpful to dig lots of shallow holes, and keep trying in different places. Yes one should make a good decision of where to drill in the first place, but then one has to drill deep until one actually finds water. One can spend a whole life time walking between different spiritual paths, whilst hardly taking a single step along any actual path.

So I include this section for those who are not yet sure they have found the right practice for them, included along with it the above suggestion not to waste too long in the confusion of deciding. If you find a practice which feels right for you, then go for it with zeal and vigour! Be it IYENGAR® yoga or anything other.

If you are interested in other IYENGAR® yoga teachers in Oxford, other styles of yoga, or other practices in general the links below should help.

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