Book a Regular Class

Please read about the payment system carefully below. It is my solution for balancing allowing people to pay what they want, with some sense of commitment to the practice, and some financially stability for myself.

  • Booking is completed on receipt of this form, and receipt of your initial payment
  • The initial payment is for the rest of this month and all following payments should be by standing order on the 1st of the month
  • The payments are to be made over twelve months, and are the same during months containing holidays, so consider this when choosing your payment
  • If you’re not sure what to pay, you can refer to the I don’t know what to pay! page
  • If you’d like to contribute in other ways (perhaps because you are time rich, or maybe you can’t afford to pay as much as you’d like to) there are other ways to contribute (though all students must make some monthly financial contribution, time contributions are voluntary and it is fine to write zero here)

Bank Details Image (885 - payemnts)