Buy Equipment

To buy equipment, look up the prices in the table, then book it in using the form below and pay the money it into the usual bank account.


I make a small loss on equipment, I buy and sell on at wholesale prices, and pay for delivery myself. These prices are well below the ‘recommended retail prices’ (RRPs)

Equipment Cost RRP
Blocks (set of 4) £13.20 (for 4) £24 (for 4)
1/2 Blocks (each) £2.10 (each) £3.50 (each)
Cork Bricks (pair)  £13.20 (pair) £24 (pair)
Blankets  £13.20 (each) £24 (each)
Belts £3.60 (each) £6 (each)
Eye Bandages £3.60 (each) £6 (each)
Rope (knee problems) Free N/A
Bolster** £24.70** £38**

**Bolsters are only available at this price a couple of times a year when I order equipment as I do not have room to store a stock of them.**