Neurodiversity Friendly Yoga

I very much welcome neurodiverse students to my yoga studio and I believe that Iyengar yoga can be helpful for people with different neurodiversities.

Some examples of how the Iynegar yoga approach can help are below.  I’m always open to feedback and developing new strategies to support yoga access for different neurodiversities.

Neurodiversity: Autism.

  • Clear instructions of what to do in each pose
  • Demonstration of each pose showing key points
  • A sense that there is a list of “correct” actions for each pose that can be learned, practiced and developed over time.

Neurodiversity: ADHD

  • Compared with a one method sitting meditation practice, we cover several poses in a class with different focusses throughout each pose. This can help bring a multi-pointed attention towards a more holistic body awareness attention.
  • Some classes focus on ways of practicing that can be really helpful for insomnia.
  • Inversions and pranayama can particularly help to develop and deepen potential for hyper-focussed flow states on a subject of interest, whilst reducing the distractibility tendancy.

Neurodiversity: Dyspraxia

  • Poses are demonstrated first so you can see the physical pose.
  • Instructions are often repeated to aid memory while limbs and body are finding the correct actions.
  • Physical corrections can help limbs that are not heading in the right direction
  • Sometimes focussing on subtle body awareness can help the development of fine mother skills.