Taking a Break

If you are thinking of taking a break from my yoga classes please let me know. It might be because you have a fixed time living abroad, or a very long holiday, or other life things are getting in the way of making class right now. I recommend chatting to me at class, or giving me a call to discuss your situation if you are unsure about it.

Something to consider…

Some people decide to take a break and never come back. Some of them intend to return for many many years, and regret not quite making it back to yoga. I recommend filling in this form and telling me the date you intend to return, so I can keep you on the books, and get in touch nearer the time. You can reduce your payment to a nominal £1 for this period (though some students choose to continue full or part payments, and this is always gratefully received). If you don’t want to do this, you can leave (and rejoin later).